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Token Utilities

Token Utilities
Purchase HOL
HOL is a digital token. Players use them to purchase NFT Land, Heroes and in-game items and participate in gaming events, can be purchased by BNB token on Marketplace.
Purchase RUBY
RUBY is a digital token that will be used during playing game, can be purchased by BNB token on Marketplace or earn when play game.
Earn HOL
Players can only earn HOL in-game via playing game and winning Events. But Players need to burn HOL when entry the Events.
In-game mining resource is an approach to enrich the game ecosystem by earning RUBY from combining resources for Lords, Heroes, Worker. Workers playing game complete Quest, Selling crafted items on marketplace in-game to claim RUBY.
Heroes attack monsters on maps and get Gold, material for crafting items that can be sold on the marketplace. Gold is Lords' salary to pay to Heroes. Lords can earn from an amount of Heroes and Workers' earning.
Burn HOL
  • Buy NFT: Land, Heroes
  • Join Events, Tournament in-game
  • Breeding Mounts
  • Summon Hero
  • Craft items
  • Upgrade Castle, Heroes, Worker
  • Recruit Legendary Troop
  • Summon Hero
  • Craft Items