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Workers: Workers are an indispensable component in the construction and exploitation of resources managed by the Master. Workers will directly bring resonant development to the master as well as the empire. Can be owned through exchange on the marketplace, is a character that helps new players know the world of Lord of the Land can experience.
All Players who join Heroes of the Land are Worker. Firstly Worker has a Tent and a freeman. A Worker can exploit resources on the Map (but you always earn smaller resources than resources in the Castle) and always in dangerous areas.
Skill of Worker:
  • Mining: Skill Mining Gold, Wood, Stone will increase the number of resources per hour.
  • Craft: Skill Craft will increase % change to craft items rare, super rare, ultra-rare, and legendary.
  • Upgrade crafting skills will unlock higher type and new type items in Skill Tree.
Stamina Recovery:
  • Castle: if a Worker is under contract with a Lord and stays in the Castle, his stamina will recovery by 2x per hour.
  • Tent: if a Worker is not under contract with a Lord and stays in one of the tents on the Map, Stamina will recovery by 1x per hour.