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Green Land, Rought Land, Lava Land have same 720,000 parcels of Land in World Map Total 10,000 parcels of NFT Land will be sold in Land Treasure, each 3x3 parcel has 1 NFT Land in World Map, ensure that there are 8 NPC's Land around 1 NFT Land.
Lord can attack and capture NPC's Land. After 7 days Players can register to own that Land by using HOL.
Heroes can freely attack monsters or BOSS in NPC's Land.
Workers can freely mining resources in NPC's Land.
NFT Land
710,000 Blocks are natural landscapes and will be randomly created by NPC Land in the future. Each NFT Land will have 10x10 blocks. Lords own all resources, monsters, and BOSS around their land. Workers and Heroes must pay taxes when they farm in that Land.
  • 1 block in the center is Castle
  • 5 blocks for BOSS
  • 15 blocks for Monsters
  • 18 blocks of Resources (Gold, Wood, Stone)
  • 61 blocks are natural landscapes.