Heroes of the Land

Skill of Heroes

Skill of Heroes: Have 4 types Magic of Fire, Air, Water, Earth and have 4 types Active, Passive, Single, and AOE to use ingame
  • Active skill: Skill buff or debuff to self, friendly unit, or enemies.
  • Passive skill: Increase stats of Heroes or Aura effect around Hero.
  • Single target skill: Effects on enemy and deal damage: Fire, Bolt, Ice, Arrow...
  • AOE skill: Effect on many enemies in area: Inferno, Chain Lighting, Hail, Earthquake...
Special Skill of Heroes for Troop:
  • Heroes Type Ultra Rare have special skill effect bonus stats of Special Troop.
  • Heroes Type Legendary have special skill effect bonus stats of Legendary Troop.
  • Some Heroes Legendary can use Legendary Troop.
Skill concept