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Game Play

In the world of Heroes of the Land, there are thousands of factors that connect players and players together. Players have to find their own rules to apply to their development tactics as well as team up with alliances to achieve victories and bring advantages and resources to the legion.
To participate in the world of Heroes of the Land, you can choose 1 in 3 types of characters gameplay as Lord, Hero and Worker. Firstly, you will be a Worker then you can purchase NFT Treasure to get NFT Land to unlock gameplay of Lord or get NFT Hero to unlock gameplay of Hero.
Lord - Hero - Worker
PVP System: Allows Players to attack each other and get Resources and Treasures. Focus your forces on attacking other Land or defending yourself. The Treasure can be opened to get great value items, including Ruby's recipe.
PVE System: Allows Players to participate in collecting legion events such as Boss fights, NPC fight, Hunt Monster... Players can get resources (Wood, Stone, Gold) and Ruby's recipe.
Quest System: The diverse mission system includes all 3 types of characters to level up and lead the player through the plot. Along with it, there are daily mission rewards, including Ruby's recipe for players.
The Boss System: was created by event and randomly appears on the map, allowing players to participate in competitive battles with other players to gain extremely valuable items and rare Treasures.
Tournament System: System of matches, Clan Ranking, Creating a level of playing field for all to participate, compete and bring valuable rewards, strengthen yourself and your legion.
The world of Heroes of the Land gives you 3 initial basic options for development. You can rely on that to build your own team with the most perfect strategies to conquer the world.