Heroes of the Land


  • 1) What is Heroes Of The Land?
    Heroes Of The Land is one of the earliest NFT gaming platforms, with a greater vision of making a metaverse. "Hero" represents more gameplay and playstyles that will be included in this ecosystem, and "Land" represents an unknown virtual world that will be explored in the game. Our mission is to bring blockchain technology into an open space where gamers from all over the world can play together.
  • 2) Which company does Heroes Of The Land belong to?
    Heroes Of The Land belongs to Heroesoft.
  • 3) Which Blockchain will the game be developed on?
    The game will be developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
  • 4) What are the contract addresses of $HOL & $RUBY?
    Contract addresses aren't launched yet. Beware of scammers that impersonating Heroes Of The Land. Stay tuned for the details and announcement. Thank you☺️
  • 5) When will IDO released?
    IDO will be announced soon in the middle of February. This is an estimated time, so it may change due to various reasons.
  • 6) What are the requirements that the computer must have to be able to run the game?
    There are no specific requirements. You can play the game on PC and mobile via connecting dapp in your wallet!
  • 7) How can I earn $HOL and $RUBY Tokens?
    You can earn in several ways:
    - Become a Worker (Free-To-Earn).
    - Become a Hero (PvP, PvE).
    - Become a Lord (Own NFT Land, attack other Lord, NPC & own more land).
    - Join staking/ farming.
    - Trade NFTs on the Marketplace.
  • 8) How do I get NFT Land and NFT Items?
    - Players can get NFT Land or Heroes from public sale.
    - Players can also get new NFT Heroes by summoning from 2 Heroes.
    - Players buy NFT Land and NFT Items on Marketplace from other players.
    - Players can buy or craft more new items when playing game.
  • 9) Which platforms do you launch IDO on?
    Currently, our project is still working on documents, paperwork required by launchpad’s platform. Official information will be announced on our channels.
  • 10) Who are founding members of the core team?
    All of the founding members are not just businessmen and elite professionals but also hard-core gamers. They come from a long history of gaming and various NFT Games that they joined in. THIS IS IMPORTANT because the quality of the Gameplay depends not only on the skill of the developer but also on the shared passion and knowledge of each and everyone involved in the project.
    Heroesoft core team has included 6 main core members with many years in the game industry.