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Heroesoft's Core Team

All of the founding members are not just businessmen and elite professionals but also hard-core gamers. They come from a long history of gaming and various NFT Games that they joined in. THIS IS IMPORTANT because the quality of the Gameplay depends not only on the skill of the developer but also on the shared passion and knowledge of each and everyone involved in the project. Heroesoft core team has included 6 main founding members with many years in the game industry:
  • CEO Nhan Nguyen: 5+ years as a Software Engineer at Google HQ, Blockchain Developer at ThunderToken, was CEO at Kalapa.
  • CTO Son Nguyen: 3+ years as CTO at Galaxy Mobile, 2+ years as CTO at Elcom Plus & CEO at SonicWave.
  • COO Dung Nguyen: 10+ years as a Game Project Manager, Game Publishing Director at EmobiGame, and was a CEO at Lucky Digital.
  • Art Director Quyen Tong: 10+ years as 2D art Designer, 2D art Designer at EmobiGame. 5+ year Art Lead at eWing Studio.
  • Lead Marketing Anh Nguyen: 3+ years as a Marketer, Marketing Manager at Le Kieu and was a Branding Manager at Cohost AI.
  • Lead Software Engineer Tuan Pham: 3+ years as a Software Engineer at Samsung, Software Engineer at Vinsoftware. Leader of Software Engineer at SonicWave.
Heroesoft's core team