Vision & Mission


The vision of Heroesoft is to build an NFT MMO RTS game with the best economy system that connected to traditional game players and the whole blockchain world. Moreover, that will be help more true gamers who would like to enter the crypto space by playing, crafting NFT and providing an underlying blockchain framework in the world of Heroes of the Land .


Heroes of the Land brings players a real gameplay experience. A quality product was invested and developed for many years with long-term financial resources. Thereby our game is going to give all true gamers the experience on the Blockchain platform. Relive the memories of the legendary games in the past when real players together built an army, expanding the territory, protecting resources like Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Rise of Kingdoms...
NFT games have been so popular with the Trader community and investors, but still cannot get close to the big parts of the true gamer, because most of the NFT games’ gameplay currently on the market are quite boring and nonsense. Heroes of The Land's mission is to deliver a quality game that is enough for the needs of the GameFi’s community. Moreover, it will become a connection between making games and NFT Game’s experience.
Therefore, Herosoft decided to develop the MMO RTS game on the Blockchain platform - Heroes of the Land. We are looking forward to hearing from your support so that the Heroesoft team has more motivation to develop the best products as soon as possible, bringing you the best game ever, worth playing, and worth experiencing.
Heroes of the Land