Heroes of the Land

Story & Trailer

The Land of Middle Earth
Once upon a time, Middle Earth was formed before mankind. Middle Earth - The continent with a special charm by its vast steppes, has rich in resources and minerals. Every single space, every single river reflects its own peace and happiness. Therefore, Middle Earth is being chosen for many species of creatures to live and develop, especially for nomadic people. They comfortably build their tents and herd livestock in the peaceful grasslands and lived day by day.
Middle Earth is quiet and pure, but there also has some wild lands in the continent with many unsolved mysteries.
One day, a large meteorite explosion suddenly fell, creating a great shock in the fertile Middle Earth. The continent seems to explode into a thousand pieces. After all, a supervolcano is created in the eastern part of the continent.
Undead "coming from the dead" - A dark race appeared
Due to great pressure, the lava flows in the supervolcano are increasingly erupting, creating many dangers, not only in the East but also damaged a great destructive power to the neighboring areas of the eruption. It even has the power to destroy a continent on a large scale. There is no living creature that can survive on this land, all is dead and desolation. Every night, the sound of crows horripilate human-being in the land nearby. The Lavaland echoes with children crying all year long that bring a sense of confusion and fear to all species.
The meteorite explosion brought to life a dangerous and evil race. The only species that can live in the most dangerous area of ​​the continent - the Undead. This being "come from the dead" has a hatred for all other living things living on the continent and always has the thought of spreading death everywhere they step in.
The Orc race migrated to the Middle Land
The meteorite explosion not only affected the East of Middle Earth, it also caused minor damage to the Northern part of the continent. All the scenery here becomes desolate, all trees are shriveled, all living things are dead. It is very difficult to develop a normal life.
No longer after that, there was a tribe that had a human-like appearance, but distorted and ugly with sharp fangs that migrated from another continent to Middle Earth. They have a tall, strong body with outstanding strength. Dubbed "true warriors", they move to every land and show their aggression, eat all other living things, including humans to expand their territory.
Unlike Undead, Orcs still have their own mindset and desire to raise their orcs' world. They also use tools and weapons for war. However, they possess their own developed spells and oriented specifically according to their ancestors.
Humanity continues to develop
Only Greenland is left on the continent. The vast, green grasslands fields with herds of cattle grazing freely against the deep blue sky exude a peaceful look. This is where the human race continues to live, work-hard, play-hard every day. Human with intellectual mind wants to develop human civilization, human wonder and build a peaceful society with an easy to govern political system.
As gentle & hardworking creatures, humans also have the desire to learn more about magic. They can spend days working hard, trying to create special weapons to protect themselves against the dark forces that always want to destroy them.
Territory Wars broke out
Although Orcs still have the same logical thoughts as Humans but there are some differents between two races - the way they develop their society. Rough, ferocious, irrational Orcs always attack all humans on the continent by strength with the desire to take over the land and expand the territory. Humans always think that Orcs are dangerous and no need to exist on the continent because they always want to destroy and block the development of humanity.
The war between Orcs and Humans broke out for thousands of years, both sides want to destroy each other to eliminate forever a threat.
However, there are some parts of the Orcs have a different thinking. They cooperated with humans, create famous wonders, building structure and special magic to destroy the Undead that always spread destructive energy to the continent - the biggest enemy of all living things on the continent. Middle Earth terrain.
Wars between those three territories has begun from now on.