Heroes of the Land

Backers, Partner & Advisors

We are very excited to announce a seed and strategic funding from institutional investors, including HUB Global, Kyber Network, TomoChain, Raptor Capital, AceStarter, Lua Ventures, Funverse Capital and more in the future. We are collaborating with Seedify, BinStarter, NFTb as a strategic partner to launch our INO and IDO Round and more activities in the future.
​Heroes of the Land is counseled by 2 advisors who are at the highest levels of experience in the technology and cryptocurrency industry Mr. Anthony Q.
Many top institutional investors in crypto were interested in supporting our blockchain gaming and acknowledging the open-ecosystem vision and progressive roadmap.
The depth of our chain-tech involved in the game will be extended more and more. All of those things are to achieve a goal — to provide a simple and fun MMO RTS Game ecosystem for crypto and non-crypto players.